Haircut - $30 and up
All men’s haircuts: fades, tapers, mohawks, high & tights, shear cuts. Line ups/ edge ups are included.

Buzz cut - $15
One length all over, line up/edge up included

Beard Trim/Cut - $15
Includes beard trim, shaping, or removal

Haircut & Beard Trim - $40
Includes haircut and shaping, trimming, or removal of beard

Straight Razor Shave - $45
Includes straight razor, hot towels, shaving gel and moisturizer

Designs - $45 and up
Designs start at $45 pending the intricacy of requested design. (Basic parts are not considered a design)

Eyebrows - $10
Cleaning and shaping eyebrows with a razor

Line up/edge up - $10 and up
A line up/edge up around the neckline, around the ears, and forehead area. (not a cut)

Razor line up/edge up - $15
A straight razor to give you a nice crisp line up/edge up.