Everyone's Barbershop
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Andro is a safe space for everyone, but has been created specifically for queer folks and women to come get their hair cut in comfort. All walks of life are welcome and encouraged to be confident and comfortable with who they are in a judgement free, safe space. Based in the heart of downtown Seattle, Andro is smack dab in the middle of Pioneer Square. This is Seattle’s original neighborhood, and it can sometimes seem a little wild and crazy. I’d like to believe that’s just the heartbeat of our city.

Andro is more than just a barbershop, it’s a reflection of the diversity and beauty of this amazing community. If you’re looking for a place to call your own, where you can be you, and leave feeling better than when you arrived, then Andro is your Barbershop. 

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this is Your barbershop


Meet the Team

Kelli Wimbley-Dinh


I’ve been in Seattle for almost 8 years by way of the east coast, by way of the Midwest! Ive been cutting hair for over a decade, and I love what I do.

Izzy Wimbley-Dinh

Barber in training

I don’t actually know how to do barber stuff. I don’t even have thumbs. To be honest, all I really care about is sleeping, running, treats, and all your attention.